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Corporate Investigator Training

About us

38 years in police and government investigations, a seasoned experienced subject matter expert in cyber footprinting, digital research, tracking and tracing elusive or hidden persons by their digital shadow. Full Bio HERE

Our aim

We have been training investigators in police, military and government for over 15 years, specialising in tracking and tracing individuals online and analysing them through their digital footprint and shadow. 

An increasing number of banks , airlines and non government entities have recently been requesting if I would run a non goverment police courses. So here they are!


Wether its journalist investigation, organisational security, vetting or due dilligence, we have a solution for you. 

Need to spot a client, passenger or applicant that doesnt seem to be who they say they are, or have a hidden past, our services will help you asess trace and evaluate them. 

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