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Liquid Bubbles

Available Services

Investigator training

Digital investigator training courses. Ranging from the beginner, through to advanced investigative analysis of data online. Perfect for journalists, banks, counter fraud units, due dilligence officers, data protection officers and organisational security

Entity research

Have a business or individual that is interested in working with you? Interested in approaching them to collaborate or invest? Let me do the research for you, so you can make a balanced and souind judgment in moving forward.

Vetting course

Responsible for vetting new applicants and business partnerships to protect your interests? This course is an advanced training course to make sure that no virtual stone goes unturned. 

Financial course

This course deals with awareness and recognition around tracking and tracing financial transactions and fraud red flags. Covers everything from traditional financial laundering to black hawala,  Hawala hundi, and crypto tracking. 

People tracking

Fixed price people track and trace by their online presence. Clients include banks tracking defaulters and fraudsters, individuals tracking long lost relatives and friends, or simply tracing an individual. 

Due dilligence training

Organisation due dilligence and researching those who choose to steal or hide their backgrounds, can be a minefield. This course combats this and gives the students a comprehensive awareness around avoiding problematic relationsghips in business. 


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